MRHS FCCLA Chapter Officers, 2023-2024
     President: Rebecca Dangerfield
    Vice Presidents
    Teagan Cain, First Vice President
    Bella Guinn, Vice President of Development
    Lea Hughes, Vice President of Finance
    Darylynn Wease, Vice President of Public Relations
    Sophie O'Shea, Vice President of Programs
    Important Note: As of July 1, 2023, Educators Rising Arizona is transitioning to FCCLA, Family Career & Community Leaders of America. 
    Link to FCCLA website: https://fcclainc.org/
    2023 Educators Rising National Competition Results
    Orlando, Florida
    Sophie O'Shea, 10th place-Exploring Support Service Careers, JV
    Elizabeth Louthain, 9th place-Lesson Planning & Delivery, Humanities, Varsity
    Teagan Cain, 9th place-Educators Rising Moment, JV
    Lea Hughes, 4th place-Exploring Support Service Careers, JV


    2023 Educators Rising State Competition Results




    Rebecca Dangerfield, 3rd place-Creative Lecture TED Talk, JV

    Teagan Cain, 3rd place-Exploring Non Core Teaching Subject, JV

    Bella Guinn, Emma Kerns, Darylynn Wease, 3rd place-Researching Learning Challenges, Varsity

    Sophie O'Shea, 3rd place-Educators Rising Moment, JV

    Mackenzie Bremser, 3rd place-Lesson Planning & Delivery-STEM, Varsity

    Maranda Rogers, 2nd place-Exploring Non Core Teaching Subject-Varsity

    Teagan Cain, 2nd place-Educators Rising Moment-JV

    Lea Hughes, 2nd place-Exploring Support Service Careers-JV

    Sophie O'Shea, 1st place-Exploring Support Service Careers-JV

    Rebecca Dangerfield, 1st place-Public Speaking-JV




    Congratulations to the 2022-2023 Educators Rising Officers


    President: Sariah Otero-Sermeno

    Vice President: Isabella Guinn

    Secretary: Jaime Torres

    Treasurer: Lea Hughes

    Historian: Maranda Rogers

    Publicity Manager: Sophie O'Shea

    2022 Educators Rising National Conference Results

    Students attended the National conference in Washington, DC June 23-27. We are proud to announce the results below. 

    2nd Place: Sariah Otero-Sermeno, Lesson Planning & Delivery-Arts

    8th Place: Isabella Godoy, Pre K Children's Literature

    10th Place: Dexter Lane, Public Speaking



    2022 Spring State Leadership and Competition Results

    1st Place, Exploring Non-Core Teaching-Daphne Foster, recipient of U of A scholarship

    1st Place, Exploring Support Service Careers-Bella Guinn

    1st Place, Lesson Planning & Delivery, Arts-Sariah Otero-Sermeno

    6th Place, Pre-K Literature-Bella Godoy

    8th Place, Public Speaking-Dexter Lane

    9th Place, Public Speaking-Emma Kerns

    10th Place, Creative Lecture (TED Talk)-Jasmine Webb