2017 - 2018


        7th Grade Middle School

         Renaissance Supply List

           Mrs. Crabtree and Mr. Shoop


    Spiral Notebook and Folders with Pockets

    Folders must be 9 x 11 and fit all standard copy paper

    Notebooks should be college ruled- easy tear edges

             (Example - Mead Five Star spiral notebooks)

    • 1 per year for 7th grade science

    • 1 per year for social studies

    • 1 per year for English language arts

      1. Mead Composition Notebook with sewn in pages

    • 1 per semester for 7th grade science


                A Three-ringed binder

                To be used as a portfolio for completed work. Should have pockets.


    General Supplies

    • colored pencils

    • colored markers

    • glue

    • scissors

    • tape

    • 3 pencils (mechanical or wood)

    • 1 red marking pen

    • 1 blue marking pen



    1 – 1.5” Three Ring Binder

    • Pencils and Erasers

    • Lined Paper

    • 1 Spiral Notebook (70-100 pages)

    • Dry Erase markers

    • Graph Paper

    • Ruler

    • Pens

    • Basic Graphing Calculator (Optional)

             (Recommended for Algebra/Geometry – TI 84 Calculator)


        Spanish (If Applicable)

    • 3-ring binder (may be shared with another class)

    • POCKETED dividers for 3 ring binder

    • Lined Notebook Paper

    • White Board Markers


      ***"Arizona law requires that public schools provide supplies required for academic success. This list represents optional, supplementary items which you may supply, at your discretion. If you have questions, feel free to contact the school."