Supply List:

    Social Studies

     1 (3- subject) Spiral Notebook-1

    **No Composition Notebook



    1. Pencils with erasers                       

    2. Mini Personal Pencil Sharpener     

    3. Black or Blue Pens 

    4. Red Pens 

    5. Dry Erase Markers 

    6. Ruler (with Metric side) 

    7. Highlighter 

    8. Colored Pencils

    9. Lined Notebook Paper

    10. Glue Sticks

    11. 2 rolls of Scotch Tape

    12. Pencil case/bag for small items above

    13. Sturdy Backpack

    14. Headphones with standard jack

    If you plan to make any donations to my classroom, here is my wish list(Optional)
    Hand Sanitizers
    Clorox Wipes
    Kleenex Box