Free Enterprise

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    This course will guide students [YOU] through learning how individuals and businesses operate within the American economy.

    Topics include personal finance and career choices; decision making; and developing a new business idea. Students will examine the influences of market factors, government, society, and international trade.

    This semester course meets the Economics graduation requirement.


    There is NOT a textbook for this course. Content is presented within the assignment pages of Canvas and through provided links.


    The Final Exam must be taken in person. You must score a 60% or higher to pass the course.


    There is a scheduled due date for each course activity. All assignments, discussions, and quizzes must be submitted no later than 10:00 PM of the scheduled due date. 


    Grades will be determined based on the student's cumulative earned points weighted by category:

    • 80% based on Course Work (Assignments, Discussions, & Quizzes)
    • 20% based on Final Exam