• Mrs. Jewett Class Expectations


    Biology is lots of fun! In this class you are expected to participate in all discussions and lab activites, do your best on all of your assignments, and have fun with the cool science!  

    This course introduces the principles and concepts of biology through storylines. Emphasis is on the interdependenace of all biology concepts. Biology 1 focuses on ecology, chemical interactions, energy transfer, genetics, and human impacts on ecosystems.  Biology 2 focuses on genetics, cellular processes, and human impact on ecosystems.

    There are no final exams in biology but rather aligned unit exams.  Students will take these in person during the final exam week.  Click on the link to get more information about when and where to take your exams.  To pass the course you must score a minimum of 60% on your combined unit exams.  Even if you have a high grade going into the final you must pass these exams to pass the class.  Make sure to take advantage of the study guide, tutoring, and review sessions. You should also message Mrs. Jewett with any questions you have about the content.  Teachers are here to help and love it when students ask good questions. 

    The video below gives a little introduction about me and the course. 

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