Tips to Help Your Student!

  • There are some easy ways you can help your kid with their online course!


    First, print the printable calendar for the course your child is taking.  It is under the "Course Calendars" page.  This will let you and your kid know what is due and when.

    Second, make a plan for finals.  Students are required to take finals in-person for their course and will need two hours per exam.  For more information, see the Deer Valley Online Learning Program Home Page:  

    Third, make a parent account on Canvas.  Please see Creating a Parent Account and Create a Student Pairing Code to do this.  This will allow you to see your child's progress in the actual Canvas Course.

    Fourth, if you are having tech issues, go to Our amazing Tech CIAS has all the resources you need to help!  

    Finally, do not ever hesitate to contact me!  I post grades regularly and will reach out when I see concerns, but if you have one from home, let me know.  I am definitely here to make life easier for your student in the online setting.

student pic