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    Introduction to Art 1 & 2 will introduce you to numerous types of artmaking and also how to speak the language of art. Please watch the following  course video to give you a better understanding of what the course is about.


    Intro to Art 1 & 2



    Click Here to see the Printable Online Course Calender 

    Intro To Art 1 Calendar

    Introduction to Art 2 Calendar



    Optional Virtual Class Meetings:

    Every Thursday with Zoom

    Introduction to Art 1   4:30Pm -5pm

    Introduction to Art 2   5pm-5:30pm

    Students will receive  message in Canvas with the meeting link 


  • Watercolor and Brush

    Intro to Art 1- Major Project List

    Wow Me Drawing - Any Drawing Medium

    Variety Line Drawing- Pen

    Descriptive Line Drawing- Pen

    Implied Line Drawing- Pencil

    Value Still Life- Pencil

    Final Value Drawing- Pencil

    Abstract Color Drawing- Colored Pencil

    Paper Collage- Mixed Media

    Landscape- Mixed Media

    Architecture Drawing- Any Drawing Medium or Mixed Media

    Final Studio Project- Any Media

    Download the Printable Fall Calendar Here Fall Calendar

    A sample of Drawing Tools


    Intro to Art 2- Major Project List

    Wow Me Drawing- Any Medium

    Proportion Drawing- Pencil

    Texture Animal Drawing - Colored Pencil

    Colored Pencil Drawing- Colored Pencil/Mixed Media

     Acrylic Painting 1- Acrylic Paint

    Acrylic Painting 2- Acrylic Paint/Mixed Media

    History Illustration - Any Medium

    Concept Art/ Logo Design-  Any Medium

    Sculpture -    Media of choice/Found Objects

    Sketch Book - Drawing Medium

    Photography- Portraits and Composition

    Final Drawing - Any Medium

    Download the Printable  Fall Calendar Here Intro 2 Calendar

    Ear done in Pencil







    Please click on the Course Introduction Video to get a glimpse into the course.


     Students will build upon what they learned in Introduction to Art and apply it to painting. Students will learn about color, color theory, and begin exploring painting with an emphasis on Abstract and Realism.


    2021 Boulder Creek Senior, Jayson Rodgers with some of his work         

    Student Working

    Oil Painting      

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