• Class Expectations, Grading and More....


    Discipline Procedures in ALL Special Areas

    1. Three Verbal Warnings (Please, make a better choice next time.) 2.  Sit Out, Go to a Buddy Room, Walk or Jog around the field/gym (P.E. Only) etc. (Gives      students a few minutes to calm themselves and think about their actions.)***

    3. Lunch Detention (Lunch detention can come before parent phone call/email in some situations.). Parent Phone Call and/or Emailed. Students may be asked to help beautify the school, and help keep the playing areas safe by picking up trash on the field. ***

    Office Referral w/ Morning Reflection – Served in the morning before school from 7:45-8:30 Tuesdays and/or Thursdays.    

    4. Office Referral w/ Administration Consequence (Students will be referred to the office if all else fails, or in the case of a serious offense.)(This step may come first in serious behavior and/or safety situations.)***

    *** A “Warning Ticket” will be sent Home with the Student.

     General P.E. Rules & Information

    1. Clothing: Each student is required to wear athletic shoes. Sandals and boots may cause injury to your child or a classmate. If your child wears any type of “skateboarding” shoe, they must tie the laces in a bow while participating in Physical Education class. Tennis shoes with wheels are not allowed at school. Also, skirts, dresses and extremely baggy pants and shirts may constrict or cause injury and therefore are not permitted. Baseball caps may be worn to protect the eyes from the sun. (Bare feet are never acceptable. In the interest of safety, shoes must be worn at all times. Closed shoes are to be worn for any type of physical activity, such as physical education, cheer practice, weight lifting.) (SRR Handbook Pg. 15)

    2.  Participation: Each student is required to participate. We expect each student to do the best they can.

    3.  Respect/Responsibility: Each student should respect themselves, classmates, instructors and equipment.

    4.  Behavior: Poor behavior would consist of talking during instructions, inappropriate words or actions, not following directions, etc.

    5.  Sportsmanship: Each student should participate in the lesson/activity being taught while using positive communication and appropriate body language. Emphasis should not be placed on whether someone “wins” or “loses.”

    ***No child will be allowed to participate in P.E. class without the correct shoes.

    Make Up Work 

    Students will have the opportunity to earn their participation points back if the points were lost due to inappropriate footwear. This opportunity is in the form of a written assignment which can be picked up from the P.E. teacher upon request. 


    Each student walks into class with 5 points each day for a total of 25 points each week. If the student struggles with a certain skill, due to ability, effort, behavior, not following directions etc. points will be deducted. For intermediate students (grades 4-6) there may be a variety of written assignments as well. These assignments generally cover health, the human body, rules and regulations to the current game or activity etc. These assignments may be as simple as a word search to become familiar with terminology, or as complex as reading articles and answering questions about information included in the reading.

    On the quarterly report cards, each student will receive two P.E. grades. The first grade is for individual standard achievement. Individual standard achievement grades reflect the student’s ability to meet the Arizona State Standards for Physical Education. Individual standard achievement covers many topics, such as:

    -Motor Skills and Movement Patterns           -Movement and Performance                -Health and Nutrition             

    -Value of Physical Activity                           -Physical Activity and Fitness                 -Personal and Social Behavior              -Prevention

     The second grade is a citizenship grade. Citizenship consists of the “Six Pillars of Character” as well as the following: -Listens attentively -Follows directions -Stays on task -Works well independently -Functions as a group member -Prepares for class -Completes work in a timely manner -Respects authority -Respects rights/property of others -Follows school/classroom rules Each student will begin the quarter with 100 points toward their citizenship grade. A student loses citizenship points if they do not meet one or more of the above citizenship expectations.

    Parent/Doctor Notes            

    The following is the Deer Valley Unified School District policy regarding the participation of students in Physical Education classes. Students are expected to come to class, dress for activity and be ready to participate. If a student is injured or ill, a note from the parent/guardian will excuse him/her from active participation for that day. Parental notes need to be sent for EACH day the child needs to rest from physical activity. Rest from physical activity lasting longer than one week MUST be accompanied by a Doctor’s note.  If the student is excused by a physician, a written release is necessary to resume participation. All notes and releases are to be cleared through the nurse’s office. If a student is excused, the student will be required to participate in class in an inactive capacity. Class related written material may be assigned to determine the student’s grade for the day(s) he/she is excused.            

    A special note is required regarding allergies/asthma. If your child has allergies that do not require a physician’s care they will be required to participate to the best of their abilities. These will be handled on an individual basis. If your child has asthma, and is on medication (inhaler), please inform us by note as soon as possible. It is recommended that students keep an extra inhaler with the nurse in case of emergencies.