• 5th Grade Policies 



      Attendance is extremely important to academic success.  Please do your best to make sure your student arrives and leaves school at the designated times.  Early release days are instructional days.  In 5th grade, we continue instructional lesson planning and activities on all early release days and school days leading to a long school break.  Tests and quizzes may be scheduled on early release days.


      Absent Work

      All absent work may be completed at school during recess or at home.  Absent work should be turned in as soon as the work is completed.  However, all absent work must be completed and turned in by the end of the grading quarter to receive credit. There will be no penalty points deducted for absent work.  Please email me (or Mr. Jenkins) to request your child's absent work.  Absent work will be ready for pick-up in the office at 4:00pm the day the work was requested.  Our time is dedicated to instructional activities with our students during the school day.  It can be very challenging to gather work for absent students (or we just become forgetful) and have the work ready for pick-up by 3:30pm.


      Late/Missing Work

      Late work will be accepted for grading until the end of the grading quarter.  Penalty points may be deducted on late assignments and long-term projects.  Students are responsible for requesting missing assignments from the teacher.  Students can complete late work at school during recess or at home.  "No name" papers will be placed in the no-name bin were students can try to retrieve missing assignments.  Missing and late assignments will be entered in the grade book as a "0" until the assignment is turned in to the teacher.  At the end of the quarter, all '0" grades will be changed to a 49% per district policy if the assignment was not completed and turned in on time.



      -A "0" or 49% indicates that the assignment is missing,  an "m" may appear next to the assignment also indicating that the assignment is missing

      -A "L" indicates that the assignment was turned in late

      -An "ex" indicates that the assignment is exempt and does not impact the overall grade

      -An "abs" indicates that your child was absent when the assignment was assigned and may complete for full credit

      -A score of 50% indicates that your child scored a 50% or lower on an assignment

      ** 49%-50% are the lowest scores that will be entered in to the grade book per district policy.




      We love to celebrate birthdays and recognize students on their very special day.  At Desert Sage, we request that all birthday goodies be non-food items.  Parents and students have been very creative with non-food birthday goodies to share with classmates.  Kids have been very excited with some of these fun birthday goodies.  There are many students on our campus who follow a special diet plan and therefore are not able to enjoy certain food treats along with their classmates.  Many students are left out on the celebration.  It's important to be sensitive to these special diets.  Thank you for your understanding.



      -Be safe

      -Be respectful

      -Be responsible

      -Be ready to learn



      Our 5th grade expectations are simple:  be the best version of yourself, show your personal best, and show respect.  In 5th grade, we will work at establishing a structured routine. a structured learning environment, and a structured learning implementation.  We aim at helping students to be self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-efficient.  We want to treat our students the age that they are, in hopes of treating them as young adults.  This includes not needing at ask to sharpen a pencil, not needing to ask for learning supplies, not needing to ask to use the restroom, and not needing to ask "What are we doing?".  We will accomplish this through the review and practice of procedures, procedures, and more procedures.  Once we establish this level of expectation, we will be able to have the most fun in our classrooms and learn at the highest level of mastery.



      Each quarter the students will receive a new "Character Card".  The character card is used to acknowledge students who are demonstrating positive behaviors in the classroom and when interacting with their peers and adults.  The character card is also used to recognize students who are demonstrating positive character traits.  Students who earn these positives will also receive other incentives such as "chance tickets" and "gecko gold" that can be used to purchase other desirable items.  Students who choose to make poor choices such as talking when the teacher is talking, not turning in classwork, purposely making noises, tipping in the chair, or any other unwanted behaviors will receive  "negative" initials on the character card.  When students earn so many negatives in one day, consequences such as an email or phone call home, loss of recess or another privilege, an environment break, or a referral to the office will be warranted.  All incidents will be treated with the most appropriate, respectful and logical manner.


      Communication with 5th grade

      Communication between school and home is very important.  Please feel free to call or email anytime.  Our classroom phones are open before and after school but will go straight to voice mail during school hours.  Emails are the best and fastest way to communicate during the school hours and will result in a quicker response.  Please feel free to email anytime and we will do our nest to respond via email at our earliest opportunity.


      Take Home Folders

      Take home folders with school announcements, fliers, and graded work will be sent home with students once a week.  These folders will be given to students during one of their Social Studies blocks.  Students are required to share the information in the folder with family members.  Please review and discuss graded assignments, check powerschools, and return time sensitive paperwork as soon as possible.  Parents or guardians need to sign the folder signature sheet and students need to return the folders by their next Social Studies block.


      5th Grade Chromebooks

      Students have the privilege to work on our 5th grade chromebooks.  Students will have access to their Deer Valley Google accounts, which includes a school email.  Students are expected to use technology appropriately and respectfully.  They need to demonstrate positive and respectful digital citizenship at all times when online at school.  Privileges may be revoked if student a chooses to mishandle technology or demonstrates poor digital citizenship.  Chromebooks will be used for Science and Social Studies research projects, writing and constructing a variety of written pieces, and taking online assessments.  All students and parents/guardians must sigh the Deer Valley technology and online agreement form