• Dear Students and your Families,

    I have three jobs.

    1. To keep you safe: physically, emotionally, and academically. This is a safe place for you to be and grow, to have feelings, and to take academic risks in the pursuit of learning.
    2. To help you learn: I will teach the lessons, celebrate your successes, support your struggles, and help you to discover the subjects that will ignite your curiosity and drive your intellectual and academic growth. I will keep teaching you in new ways until we find the way that works for your brain. I will give you a safe place to take academic risks and make academic leaps without ridicule, teasing, or jealousy. I will help you to make real-life connections so that you know why we are learning this stuff!
    3. To find solutions: When challenges arise, be they academic, behavioral, emotional, or social, we will acknowledge them with responsibility but not blame and then find a solution. Your solution may be different from another's solution, but we will find it. We will work together to implement the solution and then we will get right back to job #2.

    This I promise you. In this order: I will keep you safe, help you learn, and find solutions.