• Classroom Expectations/Rules: BE RESPECTFUL, BE RESPONSIBLE, BE SAFE

    • Respect all people and their property. Inappropriate language, put-downs, or insults will

    NOT be tolerated.

    • Be prepared (Every class period students should have a pen or pencil, agenda, ISN, and required assignments)
    • Be on time to school and to class.
    • Listen to and follow directions.
    • Follow the character traits.
    • No gum, food, drinks, IPOD’s, or cellphones in class. (water allowed)- Automatic infraction on Character Card
    • Follow the dress code- NO exceptions!
    • Work Hard and believe in yourself!
    • All school rules will be enforced. ..
    • Enter the room quietly, place backpack under your seat, take your ISN, character card, and any required materials out and begin working quietly on the OA (opening assignment) immediately.
    • Raise your hand if you need to say something, ask a question, or get out of your seat for any reason.
    • You may begin to pack up no sooner than THREE MINUTES before class is over. You will not be dismissed from class until your area is completely cleaned up and put away. This includes throwing away trash, putting textbooks away, and straightening the desks and tables.
    • Always show respect to your teacher, your classmates, and yourself.

    Positive Rewards:  Positives can be earned on the character card for exhibiting responsibility, grit, helpfulness, kindness, optimism, and gratitude during class and around the campus.

    • 5 positives = 1 raffle ticket
    • 1 raffle ticket = 1 chance to win a prize during one of the middle school prize raffles.
    • Raffle tickets may also be earned at teacher discretion by going above and beyond expectations!