• Math Class Expectations

    Class Work

    • Whole and small group lessons, solving problems (both in computational and word form), explaining our reasoning, justifying and evaluating strategies, and playing games will be regular parts of our daily learning.
    • Some assignments will be ungraded, practice opportunities as students work towards mastery.
    • Graded assignments will be recorded and returned weekly to students, but be kept in individual classroom data folders for progress monitoring purposes.
    • After an absence, please take responsibility for your learning by checking in with me about assignments that need to be completed.


    • To evaluate student mastery of standards, quizzes, cumulative projects (in-class), tests and other assessments will be given.
    • Tests will assess student understanding, accuracy, fluency, and efficiency with mathematics and require students to show their thinking/strategies.
    • Students learn in a variety of ways and demonstrate their learning differently as well. Traditional test items (such as multiple choice questions) will be used, but so will other methods, such as one-on-one performance tasks and observations.
    • As per West Wing’s grading policy, students will have the opportunity to correct math tests (one chance per test). Math tests are the only math assignments that may be corrected for a revised grade. Weekly progress monitoring quizzes cannot be corrected.


    • Homework will be assigned daily Mon. - Thu. (beginning Aug. 12) and is an important opportunity for daily spiral review. Homework is consistently due the day after it is assigned. Unfinished class work may also be assigned as homework.
    • A weekly homework quiz will be given each Tuesday over the previous week’s homework content.
    • Work needs to be shown for each homework problem, as students will be talking through their strategies together in class. When problems are solved mentally, the equation(s) or reasoning (in words) used to get the result should be recorded. Students are encouraged to use the back of the page or attach an extra sheet of paper when needed.
    • Completion of homework will be noted daily. If a homework assignment is not completed and returned, a one day grace period will be allowed. The following day, if the assignment remains missing, lunch recess or flex will be used to make it up, and a missing assignment infraction will be noted on the GRIT card. 9 or more missing assignment infractions (in any combination of subjects) will result in loss of participation in the Quarterly Reward Celebration.