• Classroom Belief Statements

    We Believe...

    Everyone deserves respect.

    Learning is hard work.

    Manners matter.

    The responsibility is ours.

    Listening is polite.

    Our words have power.

    Mistakes happen.

    Books open doors.

    Friendship is kindness.

    We're a team.


  • Come to class prepared to think, work hard, and have fun learning!

    Respect Yourself, Respect Other People, Respect Your School, and Respect the Materials


    Please check and SIGN agendas nightly. This is one tool used to ensure student success and parent/teacher/student communication. I will check my homeroom class agendas every morning with a stamp. Students will write down their nightly homework and other important class projects in their agendas.



    Students will be engaged in a combination of Independent Reading, Guided Reading, Shared Reading and Word Study activities throughout the period.   

    Our curriculum is developed using AZ Common Core State Standards. The Pearson Reading Street 4th Grade Text is what we will use for our reading program. The weekly story and vocabulary practice can be accessed online through PowerSchools.

    Weekly stories and vocabulary are generally introduced on Mondays, with weekly reading tests given on Fridays. When the schedule needs to be adjusted, I will inform students and also include any changes in the class newsletter.

    Student independent reading centers will be assigned weekly to practice concepts and review skills. Students will work on centers throughout the week. Unfinished center work can be brought home to complete on Thursday. Weekly center work will be due on Friday.

    Our word study program is developed using Words Their Way. This is an individualized program based on students specific spelling abilities. Students will work on their spelling patterns during independent center time and will be assessed on those words every two weeks. Students can also practice the words at home using the online sight


    Social Studies:

    Students will be learning about a variety of topics this year including Geography, Arizona History, World History, Civics/Government, as well as Economics. Fourth grade Social Studies standards emphasize the history of Arizona with a focus on the impact certain historical events have had on our state.

    Daily in-class assignments will be graded. In addition, we will have 4 Unit Assessments, one taking place each quarter. Power Point study guides will be emailed home a week prior to tests.



    Students will be assigned reading homework Monday-Thursday. Students are expected to read for 30 minutes each night.



    Students will be completing two book reports this year.

    Several social studies projects will be assigned throughout the year. At home projects will be long term assignments with advance notice and reminders.