•  Be prepared for learning by having your materials ready. Be respectful to all learners in the classroom. 


                 Centers are handed out Mondays. The kids work on centers in reading class throughout the week. What is not done Thursday after reading class the kids can take them home to complete. Centers are due Friday. 

                 Vocabulary words are introduced Mondays. The words are tested Fridays on the weekly reading test. The kids are expected to study their vocab words throughout the week. 

                 Spelling: Every other Monday the kids get new spelling words. Within the centers the students do activities with these words for two weeks and will be tested on their words every other Thursday. 

                 There will be at least two book reports through out the school year. 

                 4th grade students should be reading 30 minutes outside of the school day each day. 


    Social Studies: 

               Daily in class assignments will be graded. 

               Projects at home will be long term.

               There will be several assignments that will require research to be done at home prior to the start of the assignment/project. 

               Advanced notice will always be given.