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    Homework Expectations in Ms. Engelman's Third Grade


    All homework assignments are extensions of the daily learning that occurs in our classroom. This deliberate practice is meant to reinforce and solidify all concepts taught. Every child is expected to put forth his/her best effort when completing this work.

    Pride in one’s work & neatness count!


    Homework also teaches students responsibility, so please create a designated time and place, that will enable your child to complete the work. Every child needs to take an active role in the educational process.


    Please do not correct any errors your child makes.


    I gain a clearer picture of your child’s understanding of the concept from the mistakes made on the homework assignments.


    Please do not correct their spelling as we are working diligently on learning strategies and using patterns to expand spelling ability.


    Please e-mail me or send me a note immediately if your child is having difficulty with a particular assignment so extra help can be provided.


    I sincerely appreciate your efforts in being my teaching partner to ensure your child’s success!


    Best regards,

    Ms. Engelman





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