Emergency Card 
    Every student must have an emergency card. Please fill this out print it, sign it and return it back to me on the first day of school. I also have hard copies in class if you would like to hand fill it out. Remember every line must be filled out. You can not write "SAME" or "See above", you must fill in each blank. Only persons listed on this Emergency Card will be allowed to pick up your child. They will have to bring picture ID to pick up the student. If the school nurse has a copy of your most recent immunization records you can check the box that says "Copy of current official documented immunization record attached", and I will get a copy from the school nurse.   

    Morning class is from 8:45 am-11:15 am. Afternoon class is from 12:30 pm-3:00 pm. Three days a week is Monday-Wednesday and four days a week is Monday-Thursday. Please be respectful of pick up and drop off times. All students must be signed in and out by someone on the blue card. When signing in and out please print your first name or first initial and last name.   No school on Fridays. No school on district wide half days. 

    Every Child Needs 
    A full size backpack (makes it much easier to get papers in a full size bag than a small one) Their folders (provided by me) to be checked daily and put back in their backpacks. In the page protector in the center of their folder will be a copy of the monthly calendar. There will not be
    papers in the folder everyday, but please check it. A change of 
    clothes, we will keep this in the classroom in a bag labeled with your child's name on it. When it gets colder we can exchange the clothes for more weather appropriate clothing. The change of clothes should include: shirt, shorts/pants, socks and underwear. If your child is working towards toilet training, please send in diapers/pull ups, and wipes to keep in the classroom. You will be notified when your child's supply is getting low.   
    Pick up and Drop off 
    Parent drop off and pick up is at the small gate on the east side of the parking lot, slightly east of the academic building. Afternoon dismissal is at the same time as the school. We will go out a few minutes early. Parents MUST be back in their cars if they are on the blue curb by 3 pm. 

    Classroom Parties

    Parents are encouraged to attend. You will participate in different activities with your child.

    Parents must be Volunteered Trained through DVUSD.

    No siblings may attend per district policy.

    Thursday, November 16, 2017

    Wednesday, December 20, 2017

    Tuesday, May 22, 2018

    No School Days 
    Monday, September 4

    Thursday, September 21
    Monday, October 9
    Thursday, October 19 (Parent/Teacher Conferences)
    Fall break November 20-24
    Winter break December 23-January 7 Start back on the 8th
    Monday, January 15
    Wednesday, February 7

    Thursday, February 15 (Parent/Teacher Conferences)
    Monday, February 19
    Spring Break March 26-March 29

    Last Day of School Wednesday May 23, 2018