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    3rd Grade Violins
    During the school year, 3rd grade students have the opportunity to learn the basics of violin. DVUSD has provided a class set of violins for your child to learn to play. The purpose of violins class in 3rd grade is to provide an instrument on which students may practice note reading skills. 
    After a semester of learning, your child will perform what they have learned.
    Performance dates:
    Quiroz- December 20th, 8:30am
    Fern- December 21st. 8:30am
    Kroulik- May
    A list of private teachers and group classes will be provided at the performance should your child show a desire to continue learning to play violin.  
    Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you have. Here’s to a great year of music making!

    Ginger Wade, Terramar Music