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  • Lexile data will be collected in August, December, and in March. 

    Our goal is to use strategies to increase our Reading Inventor score. 


Reading 2

    ELA Syllabus:

    We will think analytically, read critically and communicate clearly. 

    Social Studies Syllabus

    6th Grade: Global Studies World Religion and Cultures of the Eastern Hemisphere early civilization - Renaissance & Reformation

    The content focus will be viewed through geographic and historical lenses. Sixth-grade students will understand selected societies' cultural, religious, economic, and political systems in the Eastern Hemisphere. Regions in the Eastern Hemisphere include the Middle East and North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Asia (east, south, and southeast), and Oceania.

    Think Analytically

    ● Posing and framing questions

    ● Gathering a variety of evidence

    ● Recognizing continuity and detecting change over time

    ● Utilizing chronology to examine cause and effect relationships

    ● Drawing and combining reasonable inferences from a variety of sources to build an understanding of complex questions

    Read Critically

    ● Examining, interpreting, and contextualizing primary sources, focusing on the author, purpose, and audience of each source

    ● Identifying and comparing historical, geographic, economic, and political science interpretations from a wide variety of secondary sources

    ● Utilizing a broader understanding to discern subtext in primary and secondary sources

    Communicate Clearly

    ● Developing and defending evidence-based arguments

    ● Utilizing multiple perspectives for comprehensive explanations

    ● Practicing and cultivating a wide variety of diverse types of writing

    ● Engaging in constructive conversations around history and social science topics