• 4th Grade Social Studies Standards:

    Fourth Grade History Strands emphasize the history of Arizona and the Southwest from its earliest civilizations to modern times. There are five main strands we will be exploring in in 4th grade Social Studies. These are, American History, World History, Civics/Government, Geography, and Economics.  Each of these Strands is broken into concepts.  Each strand can have one to ten concepts. For more information on these standards please go to



    4thGrade Social Studies Syllabus 2017-2018

    Curriculum - What are we using to learn?

    The Social Studies book we will be using for the year is called Harcourt Social Studies: Arizona.  This book is broken up into four units.


    Unit 1: Arizona’s Geography and People  (2nd Quarter)

    * What are the main physical features and resources of Arizona?

    * How do Arizona’s physical features and resources affect how people live?

    * Who are some of the early groups that lived in Arizona?

    * How were early groups in Arizona affected by their environment and how did they change it?

    Unit 2: Settlement and Change (3rd Quarter)

    * Why did Europeans explore and settle in Arizona?

    * How did Europeans settlement affect Native Americans?

    * Which countries controlled the land that later became Arizona?

    * How did Arizona become part of the United States?

    Unit 3: Arizona Statehood (4thQuarter)

    * How did transportation help Arizona grow and change?

    * How did Arizona become a state?

    * What factors caused people to move to Arizona?

    *How did events in the twentieth century affect Arizona and the United States?

    Unit 4:  Arizona’s Government and Economy (1st Quarter)

    * How is government divided into national, state, and local levels?

    * What are the powers and limits of the different branches of government?

    * What are the right and responsibilities of citizens of Arizona?

    * How does Arizona’s economy work?

    * Which ethnic groups live in Arizona?



    Students complete pre and post assessments for each unit. The pre assessment is not for a grade it is just a reference for the students to see how much they grew between their pre and post-tests. I use quizzes to see how my students are doing along the way.


    Students will not have homework in Social Studies every night.

     Social Studies Projects:

    Students will participate in a project in which they will become an expert on a famous Arizonan or native tribe. Students will conduct research, type a report, create a visual aide, and present to their class. This is a big project, and this will require students to work at school and, very minimally, at home to complete this project.  We will send detailed information for the project as it approaches. Students really enjoy this assignment!



    I will be using the following grading scale for Social Studies this year. It is very important that you and your child log into Power Schools at least once a week to check on their progress.  To access your child’s grades online please visit - https://ps.dvusd.org/public/

    The grade scale used in 4th grade is:


    80%-89% B

    70%-79% C

    60%-69% D

    Below 59% F