• hi

    Hello!  My name is Mrs. Nuckolls, and I pride myself in fostering a fun, student-centered environment whereby students are active participants in their own learning, engaging in a variety of approaches geared toward their diverse learning needs. 

    My mission is for students to engage as leaders in a technology rich and thought provoking rigorous academic environment that promotes responsibility, accountability, cooperation, analytical reasoning, imagination and creativity. As an advocate for 21st century goals, I continually seek to bring the real world into the classroom each day through interdisciplinary studies and inquiry based learning.

    While I am passionate about history and teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family the most.  Twenty years in education taught me to put first things first... family. In addition, I enjoy traveling, reading, shopping, watching movies and spending time outdoors.

    Some of my favorite things are:

    • Favorite Color:  Red
    • Favorite Food: Raising Cane’s Chicken
    • Favorite Stores: Amazon & Target
    • Favorite Drinks: Coffee & Green Tea
    • Favorite Snack: Trail Mix, Kettle Corn
    • Favorite Candy: Dark Chocolate
    • Favorite Video Game:  Fallout
    • Favorite Historical Figure:  George Washington