• Students will be set up on a very helpful website to help them master the 5th grade standards.  The link to the website is https://www.zearn.org/   They will be given a username and password within the first few weeks of school.  This site will have video lessons that they can interact with, fluency practice, and practice problems at the end of the video.  This will be a great tool to help prepare for quizzes and assessments throughout the year. This is also a great tool if your student is absent.  Just email me and I will let you know the lesson we covered that day and your child can watch the video, so they are not behind when they return to school.  It follows the exact standards and skills we are doing in the classroom.
    Engage NY Website (This is the curricculum we use in this district)
    This page includes: Parent Tip Letter, Standards, Parent Road Map 
    Dream Box is a website that adapts and personalizes instruction for each student. Children enjoy Dream Box because they are playing games that teach and build the skills they have not yet mastered.  http://www.dreambox.com/why-dreambox
    The following sites are to provide practice for the AzMerit Assessment at the end of the year:
    Equation Editor Tutorial: http://demo.tds.airast.org/eqtutorial/#
    AZmerit Practice Test: http://azmeritportal.org


    For Science - we use the Foss curriculum. The link to the website is https://www.fossweb.com/home  Students do have their own sign in for this site and it can be accessed from any computer.