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Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance Education from Grand Canyon University

Katie Lachvayder



 Auditions for 2021-2022 School Year 

Are you intrested in taking dance next year or you are already enrolled and have dance experience and would like to audition for a higher level then please participate in our auditions. This is avaliable for eveyone noramlly we do in person auditions but due to COVID we will be doing a virtal audition. There is a video attached all you need to do is learn the dance then record your self doing the dance and email it Ms. Lachvayder at no later then MARCH 19th. I understand learning from a video can be difficult and challenging but take your time and you will do great! I cant wait to see your videos! 

Important Highlights:

1. Audition is for incoming freshman, or students already enrolled in dance interested in being placed in a higher level. (you do not need to audition to be placed in             Fundamentals Dance)

2. Learn the Dance from the video and record yourself doing the dance. Be sure to get your whole body in the frame of the camera- film outside, big room anywhere that you have space

3. Email your audition to Ms Lachvayder at 

4. in the eamil please include your name, what class you will be in for 2021-2022 (freshman, sophmore, junior, senior) and if you are currently in a dnace class which level (fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced, Ensemble)


Auditions Video: Dance Audition Video




18-19 Dance Syllabus (all courses)

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