Legend Micah
  • I have been teaching sixth grade in the Deer Valley District since 2001. I taught writing my first two years at Mountain Shadows, and later joined Sierra Verde in 2003 to teach science for 14 years. This is my fifth year at Legend Springs Elementary.

  • Arizona Department of Education Standard Elementary Education (K-8) Certificate

    Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education degree from Arizona State University

    Master of Science degree from Walden University

  • I am a native Arizonan, and I have been a 6th grade teacher for the past 19 years. I completed my Master’s Degree in Education in August 2007. I started as a writing teacher for two years at Mountain Shadows, which is the same school that I had attended as a 5th and 6th grade student. I also had the great fortune of student-teaching with my 6th-grade teacher.

    I enjoy music, photography, and videography. I also love keeping up with movies, especially supeheroes and Star Wars. I can be a sucker for “bad” jokes and puns, and there will be no shortages during my classroom instruction. I took (and taught) theater in high school, and I love bringing my expressive energy to engage student learning.