Legend Micah
  • I have been teaching sixth grade in the Deer Valley District since 2001. I taught writing my first two years at Mountain Shadows, and later joined Sierra Verde in 2003 to teach science for 14 years. I came to Legend Springs in 2017, so this is my sixth year as a leopard.

  • Arizona Department of Education Standard Elementary Education (K-8) Certificate

    Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education degree from Arizona State University

    Master of Science degree from Walden University

  • I am a native Arizonan, and I have been a 6th grade teacher for the past 20 years. I completed my Master’s Degree in Education in August 2007. I started as a writing teacher for two years at Mountain Shadows, which is the same school that I had attended as a 5th and 6th grade student. I also had the great fortune of student-teaching with my 6th-grade teacher.

    I enjoy music, photography, and videography. I also love keeping up with movies, especially superheroes and Star Wars. I can be a sucker for “bad” jokes and puns, and there will be no shortages during my classroom instruction. I took (and taught) theater in high school, and I love bringing my expressive energy to engage student learning.