• If you are interested in auditioning for the virtual play, Tragedians Anonymous: Shakespeare's Tragic Characters in Therapy...Virtually, please prepare a memorized, one-minute monologue to perform at auditions. I will order the electronic scripts as soon as I cast the play. I'm thinking of performing it on February 26 or 27.


    Auditions will be through Zoom on Thursday, January 21 at 2:30 p.m. 

    Topic: Auditions
    Time: Jan 21, 2021 02:30 PM Arizona

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     Here is a link to a description and script sample:

    Tragedians Anonymous


    The cast would include:

    Tragedians Anonymous

    Prospero: counselor and mediator

    Romeo: Juliet's star-crossed lover

    Juliet: Romeo's star-crossed lover

    Ophelia: daughter of Polonius, in love with Hamlet

    Lady Anne: widow; hates King Richard for murdering her first husband and her father-in-law 


    The Fatal Flaws

    Hamlet's Fatal Flaw: suffers from an identity crisis

    Weakness: Lady Anne's fatal flaw

    Deception: King Richard's fatal flaw

    Fate: Interfere's with Romeo and Juliet's lives



    Hamlet: distrustful man, in love with Ophelia, murders Polonius

    Polonius: Ophelia's father, killed by Hamlet, conspires with

    Claudius to murder Hamlet's father

    King Richard III: murdered Lady Anne's husband, deceives her into marrying him

    Lord Montague: Romeo's father

    Lady Montague: Romeo's mother

    Lord Capulet: Juliet's father

    Lady Capulet: Juliet's mother


    Billiam Fakespeare: a Shakespeare forger