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    Thank you all for auditioning. You were all so talented and gave us fabulous choices. We were able to cast everyone who auditioned. Before you leave for break, I need you to sign up for our Remind so I can get you rehearsal information. You’ll also need to pick up your script in room 312.

    Ren McCormack: Anthony Piunno

    Ethel McCormack: Kinslee Judson

    Rev. Shaw Moore: Charles Ligons

    Vi More: Eleanor Ackley

    Ariel Moore: Hannah Deibel

    Lulu Warnicker (Ren’s Aunt): Katie Hutchison

    Wes Warnicker, her husband: TBD

    Coach Roger Dunbar: TBD

    Eleanor Dunbar: Lauren Nuanez or Colleen Gorman

    Rusty: Elise Smith

    Urleen: Kyndra Tipton

    Wendy Jo: Ryhan Demeter

    Chuck Cranston: Hunter Coudill

    Lyle or Travis: Mayson Bushong and TBD

    A Cop: TBD

    Betty Blast: TBD

    Willard: Melvin Safford

    Principal Clark: Coleen Gorman or Lauren Nuanez

    Jeeter, Bickle, or Garvin: Jared Buckley and TBD

    Cowboy Bob: Hunter Coudill

    Cowboy Bob’s Band: Khristian  Schliebe and TBD

    Townspeople and students:

    Claudia Acuna

    Matthais Bailey

    Robyn Clark

    Aaliyah Embury

    Aiden Gorman

    Zaine Hegazy

    Makaylee Manera

    Zoe Marion

    Ashlyn Morici

    Bella Munson

    Destiny Nava

    Alyse Ohanian

    Ace Powers

    Skye Robertson

    Khristian Schliebe

    Rebekah Shaver

    Ella Sherrin

    Elliott Smith

    Sam Stephenson

    Avalynn Strickland

    Emerson White

    Skylar White