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Degrees and Certifications:

US Navy Aviation/Aircrew Instructor FCC Avionics/General Radio License with Radar SSPC Coatings Chemistry Specialist C1/C2 BA General Education MBA Executive/International Business

Mr. Mark Sides

I am originally from Alaska, where I was raised on a homestead and homeschooled by having books flown in once a month on a bushplane until they finally built a High School.  As a family we worked a gold mine and ran a commercial halibut fishing boat in the summers.

I have had a great and interesting life full of experiences that I hope to share with you in class!  I spent 24 years in the US Navy, worked for the airlines, was an executive in an international company, was an executive with a local company which I helped to sell, and own several local businesses which I have transferred daily operations and management to my sons and family.

I have 4 grown children and 3 small dogs Jack, Jill and Jinx.