Science Overview

  • Physical Science

      • Atoms
      • States of Matter
      • Changing States of Matter
      • Potential and Kinetic Energy
      • Gravity

    Earth Science

      • Radiation and Greenhouse Effect
      • Seasons
      • Scale of Solar System
      • Constellation Movement
      • Eclipses and Moon

    Life Science

      • Food Chains and Webs
      • Ecosystem Relationships
      • Change in Species
      • Human Impact on Ecosystems

    Students will engage in many science and engineering practices:

    • asking questions and defining problems
    • developing and using models (both conceptual and physical)
    • planning and carrying out investigations
    • analyzing and interpreting data
    • using mathematics and computational thinking
    • constructing explanations and design solutions
    • engaging in argument from evidence
    • obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

    Instruction will bridge boundaries between science and other disciplines and connect core ideas and practices throughout the fields of study:

    • patterns
    • cause and effect
    • structure and function
    • systems and system models
    • stability and change
    • scale, proportion, and quantity
    • energy and matter