• Past Assignments:
    Quarter 2
    Adaptations: Surviving in Extreme Environments
    Due 11/22
    Where Are These Adaptations Useful?
    How Is Individual Variation in a Population Useful?
    Which Traits Are Passed from Parents to Offspring?
    Explain Your Choices
    Comparing Adaptations
    Mendel & Heredity: How Are Traits Passed from Parents to Offspring?
    Engage Activity
    Due 11/15

    Black and White Rabbits
    Black Rabbits
    Punnett Square
    The Next Generation
    Sexual Reproduction: Why Don’t All Children Look Exactly like Their Parents?
    Engage Activity 
    Due Oct. 10

    Comparing Asexual and Sexual Reproduction
    Structure of a Flower
    Chromosome Number
    Quarter 1
    Cell Division & Mitosis:How Does Something As Complex As a Cell Replicate Itself So Precisely and Quickly?
    Engage Activity
    Due. Sept. 24

    Cellular Life
    Cell Processes
    Copying Cellsnot selected
    Making New Cells



    Suggested Reading Assignments:

    Unit 4 Reproduction & Heredity

    Concept 4.1 Cell cycle & Mitosis (09/23-10/04)

    Concept 4.2 Sexual Reproduction (10/07-10/18)

    Concept 4.3 Mendel (10/28-11/15)

    Concept 5.1 Adaptations (11/16-11/20)

    Concept 5.2 Darwin (11/21-11/27)

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