•  Summer Institute 2017
    July 20-21 
    Grand Canyon University
    What an amazing summer for the new Chief Science Officers of Sonoran Foothills School for the school year 2016-2017. This year, we have chosen 4 amazing students from Grades 7th and 8th who will become ambassadors of STEM education at our school. In order to assist them in pursuing their roles as CSO, they went through rigorous leadership training at Grand Canyon University.
    Day 1
    Canvas Online Learning System Instruction Part 1
    Team Building: Pick a Leader - Inquiry based session to introduce the students to the concept of success via failure.
    Foundation: CSO Vision- A motivational and thought invoking session to encourage students to understand the CSO brand, identify their personal leadership values, and create a vision statement.
    Team Building: Wright Family-Designed to focus CSOs on  approaching leadership as a set of diverse skills and identifying which ones to bring to their communities.
    Foundation: STEM-Onstration-CSOs practice their STEM communication skills by presenting brief STEM demonstrations, prepared prior to the institute, to STEM communication professionals and their peers.
    Foundation: Change Agents Skits-2nd year CSOs presented a session with 1st year CSOs that cover best practices, on how to implement an effective action plan for the year, how to engage person how does CSO collective action work, and how to make a lasting impact.
    Day 2
    Canvas Online Learning Management Part 2
    Foundation: Digital Story Telling- CSOs create a digital profile to be posted on the CSO YouTube channel.Through this process CSOs will practice their communication skills.
     Foundation: On campus Action plan-CSOs will work to develop an action plan of what they intend to accomplish on campus. Through this work, CSOs will learn project management skills such as time management, relationship building, documentation, and evaluation.
    Orbital ATK Speaker
    Gallery Walk: Collective Action Presentations and Sign up
    Team Building: CSOs will explore the power of the leadership mindset, individual and group thinking, and their individual positive change process.
    -Mrs. Cawley