• out of district

  • Welcome out-of-district online learners!

    The Deer Valley Online Learning Program welcomes all students to participate in our courses. Whether you are currently enrolled in a Deer Valley school or not, you are able to participate in any course we offer online! A student is an out-of-district student if they are not enrolled at a DVUSD high school.

    Some things to think about first:

    It is your responsibility to confirm whether your high school accepts credits from schools outside of your school district. Percentage grade reports will be sent to the student's home and home campus. The Deer Valley Online Learning Program does not issue transcripts.

    All classes are not necessarily titled the same. It is your responsibility to ensure you are signing up for the correct class. If you are unsure of your course selection, please speak to your high school counselor first. If you still have a question, please send us an email.

    Online courses are semester courses (.5 credit), we do not offer a full year of online classes. For example: Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 are two different semester courses which equal a full year of Algebra once complete.

    Email online@dvusd.org to request an out-of-district registration form.

    The cost per online class is $175 for out-of-district students. 

Instructions for parents/guardians:

  •  Prior to registering online, please print, complete, sign, and return the attached documents above.

    In addition to the two required documents, you will need to include proof of your residency. This is described in the DVOLP AZ Residency Form. A driver's license is not sufficient proof of residency.

    Email the completed documents to online@dvusd.org  email.

    In order to receive the required DVUSD email address for the student, these forms will need to be submitted prior to selecting online courses. You can view the registration process here.