• finals


    Fall - 2018 Finals


    Barry Goldwater High School Cafeteria

    2820 W. Rose Garden Lane Phoenix, AZ 85027

    Please enter on the Rose Garden side of the campus. 


    December 4th or 5th or 6th

    3:00 PM to 7:00 PM (arrive before 5:00 PM)

    Click here for all program dates

    SchoolCity & Paper Finals:

    As a program, we are moving toward online proctored finals. Some of your exams will be in SchoolCity and a few remaining exams will be paper pencil based. Please reach out to your teacher for more information. You are welcome to bring your iPads, but if you don't, we will have Chomebook Carts available. You will checkout a Chromebook with your student ID.

    Important Information:

    To ensure the academic integrity of the Deer Valley Online Learning Program, students must attend in-person final exams. Students must pass the final exam with 60% or higher. They do not have to be passing the class to take the final exam. However, the student's overall course grade must equal 60% or higher for a passing grade to be issued.Students who fail the final exam will fail the class, regardless of their grade in the class.

    Bring: Student ID or photo ID

    Students should allow for two hours per exam. The finals testing window gives students some flexibility to test. The final exam must be completed by the ending time (7:00 PM) on the day the exam is started. Time extensions or additional time or days are not an option. Students can choose if they want to take multiple exams on one day or divide it into different days. 

    Students taking 1 exam must arrive by 5:00 PM. Students taking more than 1 exam should arrive by 3:00 PM. Other than students in a Spanish course, you may choose which day(s) to attend. 

    Spanish course students: You must be present on the day/time your oral exam is given. Check your Spanish course announcements in Canvas for date/time of the oral exams. Spanish final exams are the ONLY final exams that are scheduled at a certain date/time.

    No early or make-up exams are given, and appointments are not made for finals testing. No transportation is provided to or from final exams.  No computers or printers will be available.

    Grades will be posted in Canvas then reported to the home high school to be recorded on the student's transcript.