Classroom Expectations

  • In our Kindergarten Class, we follow these school rules:

       Be Safe

       Be Respectful

       Be Responsible

       Be Ready to Learn 

    As well as our classroom rules:

    I will listen.

    I will treat others the way I want to be treated.

    I will keep my hand, feet, and objects to myself. 

    I will follow directions quickly and quietly.


    Our Class Motto is:

       "We will do our best, YES!"


    Our classroom uses the Green, Yellow, and Red Clip System, with our goal to stay on Green EVERYDAY!

    We also use Class Dojo, which is a fun, positive, incentive program where the students receive Dojo points for positive behavior. Students can save their Dojo points to earn rewards such as treasure box, computer time, change their Dojo monster, or earn a special treat from me.  Parents can sign up for Class Dojo to monitor their child's daily progress.


    Our Daily Behavior Calendar is sent home in Red Communication Folders Monday through Thursday.  This allows parents to be aware of their child's behavior each day. It is also used to communicate any homework and important reminders.


    Communication is the key, so feel free to contact me anytime through email at or leave a message on my phone, (602) 467-6330 and I will get back to you as quickly as possible, or send a message through Class Dojo.