Power Training
    August 26th - August 30th
    Mon - Dress out - Vertical Test
    Tues - Dress out - Bench 3 - Rep max
    Wed - Dress out - Cardio and Core 
    Thurs - Dress out - Squat 3 - Rep max 
    Fri - Dress out - Broad Jump Test
    September 2nd - September 6th
    Mon - No School
    Tues - Dress out - Workout
    Wed - Dress out - Cardio and Core 
    Thurs - Dress out - Workout
    Fri - Dress out - Sports Psychology - Mental Toughness
     Syllabus and Weight Room Safety Guide:
    Parents and Students please read over the guidelines/syllabus for Power Training this year. Once you have completed that please follow the link, click on this link for the survey. 
    Remember this is your first assignment of the semester and it needs to be completed by 5pm on: August 12th 2019.
    **If you are in my Health class and Power Training class, I do need you to put in the the box of the survey that you are in both classes. You do not need to do the survey twice.