• Tests and Quizzes

    Upon receiving a score for a test or quiz (either through Powerschool or Take Home Tuesday folder) the student will request a retake form from the teacher who gave the test.  Students are to fill out the reflection sheet and explain how they plan on doing better on the test or quiz. They then will set up a time with the teacher as to when the test or quiz can be retaken.  This conversation needs to happen within two weeks of the test being given. The student can get full credit on the retake, there is no penalty for taking a test again. If a child asks their teacher after the two week time period they will not be allowed to retake the test.


    *The following process will be utilized for students re-taking a quiz or test:

    *Teacher or student may select to retake the assessment

    *The reflection sheet will be completed by student, identifying action steps that can be used to improve their grade

    *The assessment can be retaken

    *All these steps must be completed within 2 works for the first assessment given

    Missing or incomplete assignments

    If a student does not complete an assignment and has a “m” and or a “0” for an assignment in Powerschools or if they have received an “incomplete” they can make the assignment up.  However, they must make up the assignment within two weeks of the score being entered in Powerschool. If a student turns in an assignment after the two weeks, it will not be accepted.  Students can earn full credit if they complete the assignment in the alloted time.


    For this policy to be effective it is important that both the student and their parent are checking powerschool at least once a week.  If you do not have your parent powerschool login information you must go to the office to obtain it. Your child can request their log in anytime during the school day.


    As your child’s 5th grade teachers we are striving for success with all our students, and with that we are also teaching the students to share in the responsibility for their work and their grades.