Degrees and Certifications:

2019-2020 DVUSD Teacher of the Year 2015 ASU Innovation In Teaching Award

Mrs. Qin Li


Hello, I am Qin Li (Verry), the 3rd Grade Mandarin teacher. I will help our students with Math, Mandarin and Science this school year :)

I come from the panda city-----Chengdu, which is one of the most beautiful cities in China. It is also the fourth largest city of China. The city is famous for spicy food like hotpot. It is well known as the city of panda because it’s where pandas from. People in Chengdu are super friendly. Hope you get the chance to visit there!

In 2007, I received a Bachelor’s degree with the major of English in Sichuan Normal University.  In order to practice this new language, I have been to many English-speaking countries in Europe. (Yes, I love traveling! I love meeting new friends and experiencing new culture! My goal is to explore the whole world! So far I've been to about 20 countries and I will keep on exploring :-D)

I have been married for seven years. In our spare time, my husband Thomas and I love to hike and discover new places together.

Since graduating from college, I have been working as a teacher for 14 years. I have been a 3rd grade teacher in Gavilan Peak for about 9 years. This will be my 10th year here! For 3rd grade students, learning effective studying habits is much more important than learning all the content of a subject. Once students build up good habits on learning, they are on the way to success. I always tell my students, “Attitude is everything!” Once they do the best, they will become the best. I don’t care how many mistakes they’ve made. I don’t care if they pass every test or not. It’s all okay in the process of learning. As long as they keep trying and as long as they don’t give up, they will be awesome in my mind.

I love my 3rd graders. I believe every student is different. They all have something they should be proud of. As a teacher, I have been telling them that I think they are all super awesome every single school day. To make them believe they can be whoever they want to be and they should try their best to achieve their dream is the thing I am most proud of in my education career. With love, I am going to help every one of my students to improve day by day, step by step! 

I like using emails to contact with parents. If you need anything from me, just email me. Email:


Fun Facts about me:


I am a dog lover, but I have a cat.

I love working out every day, but I'm also a foodie.

I am a tea person, but I drink coffee every other day.

I am a Chinese, but I speak English most of my time now ;-)