Be Present, Be Prepared, and Be Polite

    These are the policies I live by. We will review them constantly as the three P’s. They are not the only ones that I expect to follow these; I, myself will be following these as well to show students that they matter.


    From Me:

    • Emails: Answered within 24-48 hours at the latest. Please give me at least that amount of time, and if I do not answer you, please send me another email.
    • News and Updates: Newsletter every Friday for the next week.
    • Availability: I will be available every morning from 7 AM - 8 AM for anything you need from me, or just to talk. Please let me know at least 24 hours beforehand.

    From Parents

    • Respect of Time: I will not answer any emails from parents unless it says important in the subject line. I like to spend all my time with the kids and not even look at my computer unless I have to.
    • Availability: I would love to know if you are available for any volunteering or donating for the good of the fifth grade.
    • Google Classroom: Most or all of the assignments that kids will need will be available in Google classroom, and easy for you to print if the copy is lost. In addition please keep up with assignments on Google Classroom or through my agenda posted every week for the students.

    From Students

    • Participation: Willing and able to participate during Instruction, Stations, and Activities.
    • Positive Mindset: Have a positive mindset going into the day and know that I am here for you and for your success not your failure.
    • No Excuses: I am a teacher that respects people and their time and will give extensions to people who need them for specific reasons, but I will go by my late policy otherwise.