• Try

    The biggest expectation I hold for my students is to try, try, try...and then try some more!

    It is also expected that my classroom be a place of respect, kindness, and responsibility.

    In Mrs. Deibel's class, students are responsible for:

    • Treating peers and teachers RESPECTFULLY

    • Coming to class with necessary supplies 

    • Writing the daily class agenda/homework

    • Completing assignments/assessments to the best of their ability

    • Engaging in the lesson/activities with teacher AND peers

    • Asking for help when needed

    • Consult given resources, such as notes, to meet tasks

    • Trying new projects and concepts they are not familiar with

    • Monitoring grades frequently through PowerSchools


    Absent Work: Students are responsible for completing work they missed while absent. Students have the number of days they were absent to complete assignments unless a different due date is arranged by myself.

    LONGTERM ASSIGNMENTS: If a student is absent on the day a long-term assignment is due, they must turn it in the day they return!


    Download a copy of Mrs. Deibel's 7th Grade ELA syllabus here.