• Parents/Guardians need to reapply every school year for the program. There is a grace period for those that are already on the program. The deadline for reapplying was noted on the menu this year.

    Paper applications are available in the cafeteria, in the front office, can be downloaded and printed from the food services website, and can be submitted online via ezmealapp.com. Any old applications will not be processed. The current year is noted on the front of all applications.

    All students in a single household can be listed on the same application and submitted to (1) school regardless of the school they attend, as long as it is in Deer Valley.

    Students that were on the program in another district need a new application. They will not be on the program in Deer Valley until the application process is completed.

    All applications are processed within 10 days of receipt. Ezmealapp.com is the fastest way to get an application processed. The beginning of school is a bit slow (always completed within the 10 day time line though). Parents are responsible for payment until the application is processed.

    Students that are on the program can pick up a sack lunch for a field trip.

    Breakfast is also free to those that are approved for free meals and reduced (.30) for those that are approved for reduced priced meals.

    There is certain criteria that will automatically qualify a student for the program, such as foster children and students receiving SNAP benefits (food stamps). An application is still required for those students.

    The status of all students that are enrolled in the Meal Assistance Program is 100% confidential. There is no difference in the way they come through the lunch line or what food choices they are offered.


    Please contact the cafeteria directly with any questions or concerns at 623-445-7614.