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    Welcome to the DVHS Science Homepage! At Deer Valley we are proud to be in Skyhawk nation and educating our students in multiple science subject areas. We as teachers pride ourselves in molding the young minds of our students and open them up to scientific experiences unlike any other. For example, our biology students can experience an outdoor classroom filled with native Arizona wildlife. Our anatomy students can participate in dissections and get up close and personal with different organ systems. Environmental science students can actually plant different species of plants and then eat their produce! We also offer a variety of dual enrollment courses through Rio Salado college as well as advanced placement courses to help students get ahead in their educational goals.

    This page will help guide you in finding your student's individual teacher's websites which will include the following:


        -Classroom Calendars/Schedules

        -Contact information

        -Information for logging onto Canvas


    Thank you for visiting, 

        Kendra Cornell and Jessica Rushforth

        Science Department Co-Department Chairs


    For those students needing additional assistance to prepare for the AZ Science AIMS test, please visit our website at http://scienceaimsprep.wikispaces.com.


    The current science courses offered are:

    ·          Biology

    ·          Biology Honors

    ·          Earth Science

    ·          Chemistry

    ·          Chemistry Honors (Rio Salado – CHM130 & CHM130LL)

    ·          AP Physics I (Rio Salado – PHY101)

    ·          Environmental Science

    ·          Marine Biology (Rio Salado – BIO145)

    ·          Forensic Science

    ·          Anatomy/Physiology (Rio Salado – BIO160)

    ·          AP Biology

    ·          AP Chemistry (Rio Salado – CHM151, CHM151LL, CHM152, and CHM1152LL)

Name Title Email Phone
Costarella, Makenna Science makenna.costarella@dvusd.org (602) 467-6797
Everett, Johnna Science johnna.everett@dvusd.org (602)-467-6784
Gillette, Heide Science heide.gillette@dvusd.org (602) 467-6791
Heenan, Ryan Science ryan.heenan@dvusd.org (602) 467-6803
Helfenbein, Carol Science carol.helfenbein@dvusd.org (602) 467-6804
Marcus, Anne Science anne.marcus@dvusd.org (602) 467-6795
Mirabella, Elizabeth Science elizabeth.mirabella@dvusd.org (602) 467-6793
Radnich, Kendra Co-department coordinator kendra.radnich@dvusd.org (602) 467-6786
Rushforth, Jessica Co-department coordinator jessica.rushforth@dvusd.org (602) 467-6789
Skogen, Zach Science zach.skogen@dvusd.org (602) 467-6802