Class Rules

  • Respectful

    • Listening
    • Not talking while others are talking
    • Waiting your turn
    • Being kind to one another


    • Performing classroom job
    • Taking care of classroom supplies
    • Reporting bullying
    • Walking in FLASH


    • Not leaning in your chair
    • No throwing anything inside
    • No running
    • No hitting anyone or anything

    Ready to learn

    • Having all materials out and ready when told
    • Completing your work on time
    • Sitting in SNAP



  • Step One:

    Non Verbal Warning 

    Step Two:

    Verbal Warning

    Step Three:

    Loss of Dojo Point

    Step Four:

    Think Sheet

    Step Five:

    Phone Call Home

    Step Six:

    Lunch Detention

    Step Seven:

    Office referral