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    Want to complete a paper rewrite? Here are the steps to follow:

    (Note: You can only start the rewrite within the seven days after you receive your paper back!)

    1.Within the seven days after you received your paper back you need to email me a rewrite plan. This is just listing of what you will improve in this draft. It can be a bulleted list, and it can be general items such as: Improve agreement issues, fix introduction, revisit and adjust vocab words as needed. Be sure that you put this in the body of an email - it cannot be in an attachment. I will review it, and if I approve I will then email it back to you.

    2. Once you receive my emailed approval for your rewrite plan you will have seven days to turn in your new draft.

    3.When you have completed your new draft you will submit it to turnitin. There is a special assignment titled "Rewrite Submissions" -- and this is where your rewrite will go. Once you have submitted the rewrite you will then need to send me an email to let me know you have completed the rewrite process and I can go in and grade the new draft.

    If you have any questions about this process – just let me know!