• Hi! Welcome to Coach Patena's Middle School Health Class. Please see Course Syllabus below and email me with any questions you may have. Looking forward to a great year! 


    Middle School Health Education Course #324    

    West Wing Mustangs         Coach Patena  


    Course Description:

    • Enhance the awareness and knowledge of ones personal health.
    • Explore current concepts, topics, and trends in health, exercise, and wellness.
    • Understand mental, emotional, and physical attributes of health and overall well-being

    Course Outcome:

    • Apply health promotion/disease prevention principles to personal, family, and community issues.
    • Practice health-enhancing behaviors to avoid and/or reduce health risks.
    • Analyze the influence of family, peers, culture, media, and technology on health.
    • Goal setting: short and long-term.
    • Develop responsible decision-making skills.
    • Demonstrate advocacy skills for enhanced personal, family, and community health.


    • Students are expected to submit assignments on time.  It is each student's responsibility to obtain any missed work.
    • All assignments are subject to change and may be altered at the teacher's discretion for specific situations.       
    • Student's will be assessed in a variety of ways such as: daily journal entries, group work, note taking, daily assignments, written and oral presentations/projects, essay writing,homework, quizzes and tests.
    • Grading Scale: A 90-100%, B 80-89%, C 70-79%, D 60-69%, F below 60%.                                               

    Sensitive Topics (Parents Read):

    Throughout this course, there may be topics that are sensitive for some students.  The instructor will provide an alternative learning opportunity for any student who may be exempt from learning about certain health topics listed below.  If there is a specific topic listed that you have a question about, or you do not want your child to participate in, please e-mail me at michael.patena@dvusd.org. Please keep in mind that the lessons and topics discussed meet Deer Valley and Arizona State Health Standard Requirements.

    Health Class topics will include:

    • Understanding Health and Wellness
    • Physical Activity and Fitness
    • Nutrition
    • Setting SMART Goals
    • Positivity and Optimistic Outlooks
    • Effective Communication
    • Decision-Making and Consequences
    • Risk Taking
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Personal Health and Safety
    • Friendships and Relationships
    • Organization, Planning skills

    Class Rules

    • All school rules as stated in the DVUSD handbook must be observed.
    • Be prepared for class. Notebooks are required.
    • See teacher after absence for make-up work.
    • Be respectful and demonstrate maturity during health topics.

    Please email me with any questions. Thanks! Michael.Patena@dvusd.org

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