• Canyon Springs Wolves Will...


    Work Together


    Seek Opportunities for Growth


    Lead with Integrity


    Value Others


    Engage in Learning

    Be Safe



    In order for a classroom to run smoothly, both academically and socially, students must be respectful. My discipline procedures are in place to provide a positive learning environment based on school and classroom rules. I use a clip chart as well as the Class Dojo. We will also introduce students to classroom economy where they can practice adding and subtracting money. Students will be able to purchase items in a monthly store as well as participate in bidding for auction items.  

    Homework is given every Monday and is due Friday.

    Readtheory.org- Students will read 20 minutes each night on the site. They will also have monthly goals set and earn rewards for reaching them.

    Fluency- Timed reading for 1 minute each night.

    Zearn- Students are to access the current lesson taught in class nightly.

    Chapter book club- Students choose the books that they would like to read for fun. Students compete on teams for the most books read each month and earn rewards.

    Spelling Words- Are given every other week. They can be found on our class dojo, or in your childs agenda where they record them weekly.