Baby Yoda!
  • Expectations

    I run my class room pretty much consistently with every grade. I expect the students to wait for my greeting at the door then at my que, enter calmly and quietly to their assigned seats. I give a minute or so to settle and give the directions for the day. I expect no talking during my instructions. Attention in front will ensure all will know how and what to do for the project. After My instructions are given, I will assign helpers to grab materials and get everyone else what they need for the day. At this point while students are working, I encourage conversation. However, I expect all students to stay in there seats and raise their hands for anything else they need. I will give permission to get up for sharpening pencils, getting new paper, bathroom time, look at posters/aids on the wall, and to look at a friends work if not at their table. I expect respect for all students in class, art is a creative time and prefer it be calm. While some students can work in a loud room, some cannot, so, I want to provide a calm creative environment for all students. 

    When class is over, I expect everything to be back where it belongs, tables and floors clean, and chairs pushed in. I expect students standing behind their chairs with lips sealed. This is similar to our school's flash line expectations. Flash stands for Face foward, Lips sealed, Attention in front, Spine straight, Hands in the back. At this point I will dismiss them to their teachers, either outside the room or a line inside their room.


    Enter the art room quietly and wait for instructions.. 

    No running/throwing/ horseplay in the art room.

    Raise your hand for questions and to leave your seat, no yelling out/interrupting.

    Clean up quickly and quietly.

    Respect your neighbor's space and all art materials