• Planned Course Statement- Deer Valley High School

    2019-2020 Year

     Español 5h-6h (Spa 101-102)

    Profesor: Robert Goss

    Voice Mail: 602-467-6823 E-mail: Robert.Goss@dvusd.org

    Tutoring: By appointment  (SET Period, 5th hour lunch, Before or after school)

    Website: Deer Valley High School

    Textbook: Así Se Dice  level 3 , other authentic materials chosen by the teacher

    Course Description/Objectives Spanish 5h-6h (Spa 101-102) is a full year course. This course builds on the Spanish 3-4 curriculum. In Spanish 5h-6h (Spa 101-102) , students continue to acquire listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture skills. The study of Spanish will help students understand and appreciate their own language and culture as well as the language and cultures of Spanish-speaking people. For students planning to continue their education beyond high school, two years of the same foreign language are required for entrance to Arizona universities. As an added advantage, studies show that learning a foreign language increases scores on college entrance tests. Speaking Spanish will also help students in the workplace. Students who show proficiency in Spanish can continue into 4th year Spanish by either taking Spanish 201/202 through Rio Salado Community College (offered at Deer Valley High School) or continue on to 4th year Spanish 7-8 AP.

    Course Expectations:  The student will:

     · Students speak with somewhat longer utterances and begin to display an ability to connect phrases and sentences to show relationships between ideas expressed.  Students will be able to speak and write using all verb tenses both in the indicative and subjunctive modes.

    · Although patterns of errors are still common, students now speak and write extemporaneously in past, present and future time, using vocabulary suited to their own lives and interests. 

    · Accent and intonations are generally accurate, although pauses and false starts may be common.

    · Students can give simple instructions and directions, make comparisons and solve problems together.

    · They will engage in conversations on a range of topics, including leisure activities, professions and current events.

    · In written work, students’ spelling and punctuation are mostly accurate.  

    · Identify geographical features in countries where Spanish is spoken and relate geography to historical and cultural development

    · Compare and contrast cultures which are being studied with U.S. culture

    · Note influences of Spanish speaking culture on U.S. culture and language

    (Summary: Students will read, write, listen, and speak Spanish. They will study culture. They will participate with the 5 C’s of the National Spanish Standards- Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities)


    · Internet access IS ESSENTIAL at home, school or library.

    · Notebook- a spiral binder just for Spanish class, must leave the notebook on a periodic basis so that the teacher can grade the classwork.

    · Folder- to keep all assignments that will be turned in as a portfolio on a regular basis

    ·Pens or pencils (But not a red pen or pencil)

    ·         I pads

    Grading Policy: academic integrity and strict honesty is expected

     A = 90-100% B = 80-90% C = 70-79% D = 60-69% F = below 60%


    World Language Department: Final semester grade is computed with (80% of the grade is based on the term activities (tests, quizzes, projects, classwork, and homework) 20% is the final exam.)

    Term Work: 80% of total grade

    ·         Exams/quizzes/projects 50%   (Tests and Quizzes: There are frequent tests and quizzes. Students are expected to be prepared for each of these. )

    ·          Oral, written & general  classroom participation and homework 50%


    District Final exams: (is an exam grade in the gradebook)

    ·         Written portion of final =25%

    ·         Speaking portion of final = 25%

    ·         Objective (Multiple Choice portion of final)= 50%

    Attendance Policy:

    The rules set forth in the student handbook are followed regarding absences; that is, one day to make up a test/quiz for each day missed.

    Please note that sweep is not an absence.

    Students are expected to make up the quiz after school if they are swept.

    Homework: Homework usually is assigned daily.

    Students are also expected to study their vocabulary and verb tenses daily and to practice speaking Spanish at home as much as possible.

    Watching television in Spanish, reading books or newspapers in Spanish, listening to Spanish music and talking on the telephone with classmates from school in Spanish will greatly help the student to become a success in Spanish.

    NO late work is accepted for credit.

    The rules set forth in the student handbook are followed regarding absences; that is, one day to make up an assignment for each day missed. Long-term assignments are due on the assigned day. Again, please note that sweep is not an absence; homework is due on the assigned day.

    Students are expected to write assignments down. Assignments can be found on the board in class. Assignments will only be accepted for credit when complete and corrected for accuracy.

    Participation: Because it is impossible to participate in class if you are not in class or not prepared for class, points are awarded for contributing, bringing necessary materials/work, and not chewing gum. If you are not in class and have been excused you may make up the points, but if you are unprepared or unexcused you lose the points.

    This class requires active oral participation! Students will participate in class and small group activities such as games, interviews, conversations, and skits.

    Students will also be expected to do written work, which may include map work, grammar and vocabulary exercises, reports, and extended writing.

    Other activities may include watching videos, listening to guest speakers, and participating in cultural events on campus.

     Listed below are several good websites for students:






    Make-Up Work Policy: I allow you to turn in any work up to 7 days after the due date.

     Attendance: Daily attendance is a critical part of learning a foreign language. If you must be absent, it is your responsibility to check the assignment calendar and/or call a buddy student in class to make up for the missed work. Handouts for the day missed are the responsibility of the student.

    Please speak with the teacher before or after class.

    Since no credit is awarded for work done in class or for assignments that are due on the date of an unexcused absence, it is very important for parents to call in when students are absent. Please call 602-467-6899 to report an absence. Upon reaching any combination of 9 excused or unexcused absences, a student may lose credit in this class.

     PowerSchool Access The PowerSchools site allows parents/guardians and students to access the student’s grades, attendance, and other information. This is where I enter all grades. I use CANVAS for announcements at times and for some assignments, but PowerSchools is where the grades are kept.


    Classroom Rules:

    1. Spanish spoken in the classroom will be emphasized.

    2. Be prompt

    3. Be prepared daily

    4. Be in Dress Code

    5. Be technology-savvy: No cell phones. Use the I-pads that the school supplies you with. 

    6. Please follow any specific request from the teacher

    7. Act with Accountability, Integrity, and Respect

    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!