• What do I need for math 7?

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    Please bring paper, pencils, and a book for reading.

    We have a class set of calculators, but they cannot be taken out of the room.

    We also have quite a bit of graph paper, so no worries there.

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  • How do I reach you?

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    The quickest way is to email me:  joni.jacobs@dvusd.org

    You can also leave a voice mail at (623) 445-7825.

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  • Is there any extra credit?

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    Sorry, but no.

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  • What can I do to bring my grade up?

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    I am so glad you asked!

    You may do ONE test correction per quarter.

    You have one week to complete test corrections.  That week begins on the day that your graded test is returned to you.

    You must show all the completed homework assignments to me that pertain to the test.  

    You cannot do a test correction if the homework is not 100% completed.

    Once I verify that you have completed all the assignments, I will sign your test to signify that you can begin the test corrections.

    Feel free to get help from classmates, parents, or teachers.  However, make sure YOU understand your errors enough to explain them clearly and to prevent them from happening again.

    You must do the following ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER for each incorrect question on the test:

    1.  Give the number of the problem and rewrite it.

    2.  Write at least one complete sentence explaining what

    your error was AND how to fix it.  Write enough to prove that you understand it now.

    3.   Show all the work to correct the problem and include the correct answer with correct units/labels.

     Failure to follow these directions exactly will result in your test corrections not being graded.

    You can earn as much as half of the missed points back.

    Example Sentences:

    "I made a mistake with the exponent in the original problem.  I should have added the exponents, but instead I multiplied them."


    "My error was just a silly multiplication mistake.  I multiplied 6 times 9 and wrote 81.  I should have written 54."



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