Meals available for pick up: starting Monday, August 3rd.

    Time: 7:00am - 8:00am

    Cost: $2.95 Lunch or $1.50 Breakfast (Reduced lunch students: $0.40 and free for those on the free lunch program)


    COVID 19 CDC Guidelines will be adhered to during Meal Pick ups:

    Cloth face coverings is REQUIRED and maintaining a distance of 6 feet whenever possible.

    Week of August 3rd ONLY: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

    All subsequent weeks for the school year: Tuesday & Thursday

    Pick up details: Enter through the parent pick up lane near the community center. Students can walk, ride their bikes or you can drive up.

    Food bags will contain: Tuesday’s bag will contain food for Tuesday & Wednesday and Thursday’s bag will contain food for Thursday, Friday & Monday.

  • Due to the increased numbers of students with severe allergies to various food and nut products and health conditions such as diabetes, West Wing School has instituted a new policy regarding student Birthdays and Parties. While parents will still be able to share small bags and non-edible “treats” such as pencils, erasers, note pads, rulers, etc., there will no longer be any edible treats or food items of any kind permitted to be consumed or opened in the classroom except as planned and executed by teachers and room parents. Teachers can plan a menu and purchase items for class parties with knowledge of food allergies.

    In the past, we as parents looked forward to celebrating the birthdays of our children by bringing cakes or doughnuts to share with classmates, but unfortunately those types of celebrations will have to take place at home. Even a brief exposure to some of these allergens could render a susceptible child unable to breathe in minutes. We value the health and well being of all WW students and will do everything in our power to safeguard your children. That is the reason for instituting this policy and we appreciate your support and understanding.