• Geometry Honors Frequently Asked Questions


    Q:The textbook.  Where can it be found?

    A:The best way to access the textbook is to download the HMH Player app onto your phone or tablet.  In order to login you will need the following information from your child.

    Login:  Dv.student computer login

    Password:  Student Number

    Q:  How does grading breakdown?

    A:  Classes are weighted.  For honors classes, 16% of the total grade is based on homework average and 84% is tabulated form assesments (tests, quizzes, projects).  For Geometry (non honors) classes the grade is 30%/70%.


    Q:  What would you recommend as far as supplies, equipment and materials?

    A:  I would recommend the following; 

    ipads fully charged
    writing utensil - pencil preferred
    graph paper for notes and working problems
    protractor, compass and scale
    Ear buds or headphones


    Q:  When do you offer tutoring.

    A:  If a student is having a difficult time and is in need of some help, please schedule a time to meet during AcaPrep.