Ms. Danli Jiang

Phone: 623-445-7432


Degrees and Certifications:

MA in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Ms. Danli Jiang

Hi Kinder parents, I'm from China and this is my 4th year teaching Kindergarten here in Gavilan Peak. Back in China, I taught high school English for 5 years. Well after comparision, I find out that I am really a Kinder person. I enjoy spending days with these cute little human beings every day.

My 7-year-old son who came to GP Kindergarten at 5, knowing nothing in English, could speak and read English fluently after spending a year in Kindergarten. It is amazing how fast those 5-year old brains can aquire a second language. It is the BEST time to start learing a second language. 

Even a genius like Einstein didn't use the whole protential of his brain. Scientific researches prove that learning a second language will cultivate a different area in the brain and make the whole brain brighter. Also, learning another language will open more opportunities in the future. With the biggest population and the growing economy, China is the target market of all the countries around the world. Thus Mandarin is really a good choice to let your kiddo try out.

Gavilan Peak Mandarin program is awesome. We are the only K-8 Mandarin immersion program in Arizona. Over the years, we have parents moving here from other cities just to get into this program.

My Kindergarten students love Mandarin. Every day, they ask me eagerly "What are we going to learn today". Parents told me stories about how their kids enjoy singing in Mandarin during bath time, how excited they were when they got the chance to speak Mandarin in restaurant or on airplane, etc. I feel happy and proud for my little world citizens.

If you want to know more about our Mandarin program, please come tour our school anytime and visit some Mandarin classes to see how it goes.