• 1.  Weekly Reading Passages:  A weekly reading passage set will be handed out on Monday.  It is due on Friday.  Students should do one passage per night, but students with busy schedules can modify as needed. Completed homework should be kept in their ELA folders until Friday. We are working on close reading and annotating in class, so I should see evidence of this on each passage. 

     **Lost homework will not be replaced. Homework counts as 5% of the total grade and is meant to teach responsibility while giving students extra practice with comprehension skills.


    Weekly Reading Comprehension Homework Hints!

     -Homework is handed out on Monday and is due on Friday.

    -Homework will be graded and discussed in class, so late homework is not accepted.

    -Homework counts as 5% of the total grade.

     -Students must “show their work” by showing where they found the answer.

    -Written Response must be completed on each day! (Strategy Practice.)

    -Strategy practice answers must be complete sentences with capital letters and punctuation.

    -Question must be restated as part of the answer.


    Why? Writing better sentences is the start to writing better!  Also, restating the questions helps you to make sure you understand what the question is asking.

     If you are absent on Friday, please write “Absent” on the top and turn it in when you return.

     If you are absent on Monday, please check in your workbox or in the absent basket. You are responsible for getting your homework when you return!


     2.  Students will be expected to read for 25 minutes per night.  We will go to the library at least every two weeks to check out books for at home reading.  This book should be kept in their backpacks to use in class as needed.  This should be "reading for enjoyment" and I will work with the students during library time to find books that will interest them.

     3. On occasion, students may need to study for a quiz or test, but most of the preparation for assessments is done in class.