Band Handbook (5-8) - Check For Updates!


    General Music Syllabus


    Beginning and Advanced Band Syllabus (5-6)


    Toro Band Syllabus (7-8)


    Classroom Expectations

    1. ALL students must show the utmost musical respect for everyone within or assisting the band program (including the teacher or any other adults relating to the band), including themselves. We are working as a team within the program, and it is absolutely critical to our success that we treat ourselves and our fellow musicians with respect.
    2. All students must be prepared with their music, instrument, and any supplies they need (sharpened pencils, reeds, valve oil, etc.) assembled promptly. General music and chorus students do not need to worry about instruments. Band students with reed instruments must have unbroken reeds to be considered prepared. Sporadic instrument and supply checks will occur at Mr. Kievert’s discretion. If a student needs help acquiring a reed or supplies, I am more than happy to assist in any way I can.
    3. Students will be expected to be respectful when the teacher or another student is talking, or while anyone is playing.
    4. Students are expected to learn as much of their parts as possible outside of rehearsal.
    5. Personal electronics must be turned off and put away during class time.
    6. Gum, food, and drinks other than water are prohibited in our band and music rooms.
    7. All students are responsible for their own music. Any replacements for destroyed, lost, or otherwise ruined original copies of music will be done at the student’s expense.
    8. For markings in music, only pencil may be used.
    9. Students will show respect for classroom equipment, including classroom instruments, decorations, stands, and chairs.
    10. Always do your best! A positive attitude, attentiveness, and good work ethic are essential to a productive rehearsal and an enjoyable class!

    Rehearsal Etiquette for Performing Ensembles

    1. Bring your materials! A good rule of thumb is that if you think you might have band, bring your instrument!
      • Make sure you have: your instrument, any supplies your instrument might need (reeds, valve oil, sticks, etc.), and your folder with your music INSIDE it
    2. Stay on task and avoid talking to your neighbor unless it helps our learning together!
    3. Please practice before rehearsal
      • Remember: every day of not practicing is a day of forgetting! When possible, aim to practice on days when you don't have band. 
      • The goal of rehearsal is NOT to learn how to count and play our parts; our goal is to learn how to play together and put our individual parts together into the whole ensemble
      • If you are unsure of a note, please consult the fingering chart found in the front cover of your method book (band-specific).
    4. If you have a question, please ALWAYS raise your hand for permission to speak. This is a school-wide policy, and is expected of you to follow to minimize classroom disruptions. Similarly, please wait until I ask for questions when explaining something. Chances are, I was planning on answering it anyways!
    5. Respect everyone and everything in class. That includes Mr. Kievert, your fellow class members, and all of our equipment.
      • Please do not play with or write on the stands. They are not toys or drawing boards.
    6. LISTEN to our concert pieces often. First listen for your part, and then listen for the most important one (it may be yours, it may not be).
    7. If you are a band member, please put your instrument together quickly and quietly, without playing before our warm-ups.
    8. Please try your best have a positive attitude at all times, even if you’re having a bad day. Music class is a place where we can forget about the stresses of daily life, make music together, and have FUN! However, please let me know if I can make your day better and I will do my best to accommodate that.


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